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Every successful 3D digital product creation requires well-honed design capabilities and the ability to deliver transformational processes. We possess those critical skills, enabling us to give our clients sustainable, cost-effective solutions in a quicker time to market.

Whether you need our specialized project-based help or a longer term relationship, we will work to position you at the forefront of the fashion apparel business. 

We work in all types of high fashion, streetwear, sportswear, workwear, swimwear, womenswear, menswear, children’s wear, accessories and more.

Our Services

3D Virtual Sample Creation

3D Virtual Sample Creation

Digital product creation allows us to convert traditional product designs into comprehensive, compelling 3D digital assets. This conversion enables businesses to execute new go-to-market strategies, optimizing their product development process.

For project-based needs and/or to help clients through time-critical schedules, we create ready-to-use, high-end, digital 3D visualizations including:

  • 3D stills;
  • 3D turntables;
  • 3D animations.

3D Digital Product Creation Consulting

3D Digital Product Creation Consulting

Our strategic counsel practice leads fashion businesses through the transition from traditional 2D methodology to leading-edge digital product creation workflows.

We prepare teams to:

  • develop end-to-end 3D product creation process;
  • develop transformational roadmaps;
  • migrate to agile, cost-effective, and sustainable digital product development and project management;
  • train and adapt new 3D apparel software.

3D Digital Library Asset Creation

3D Digital Library Asset Creation

Having our own in-house fabric scanner allows us to digitize almost any fabric, trim and more. Our clients are then able to create more customized, unique designs for their customers. Even though 3D scanning is required for the customized design process, not all agencies have a scanner. They are forced to work with another vendor to complete the design process. With our in-house scanner, we are able to better control design schedules and costs.

Digitizing assets includes:

  • transferring digital patterns into 3D assets;
  • transferring trims and physical fabrics, such as faux furs, holographic fabrics and other challenging materials into 3D assets;
  • transitioning traditional workflows into 3D.

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