We launched the MESH OWNERS CLUB community to ignite innovative 3D design exploration. It is our creative space at the intersection of the physical and virtual world, allowing us to investigate new technology and collaborate with the 3D community. Together, we will reflect on how we envision the future of fashion. From time to time WORLD OF MESH team members will reveal their own 3D fashion designs to inspire, collaborate and inform.

All are welcome to join our Instagram community, be themselves, share ideas and be respected always. We look forward to connecting with the new generation of Digital Creators, partners, clients, and virtual fashion enthusiasts everywhere.

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It's great to be back on board supporting the IACDE 3D Summit together with our MESH OWNERS CLUB founder Marie and @dita.var.

Tomorrow both will be sharing their best practices in creating digital garments in CLO 3D with our digital fashion community followed by a Q&A session to help you all learn, thrive and advance your 3D fashion skills.

So, what are you waiting for? Come by and say hi 👇

The registration to this meet-up is still open and available on the IACDE community platform:
Do you need access to the community platform? To get access you need to register to the event, see link below:
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Happy International Pronouns Day 🙌

Referring to people by the pronouns they determine for themselves is basic to human dignity.
Being referred to by the wrong pronouns particularly affects transgender and gender nonconforming people.
Let's transform society to celebrate people’s multiple, intersecting identities, IRL and beyond.

Today we are celebrating Lou… observant, cool and collected, a lone wolf who is always ahead of the pack. 🔥🔥🔥

Lou is a student in Astrophysics with an un-shifting focus that stands them apart from the rest. An intuitive thinker with sharp decision-making skills, they take full control of their own destiny. Lou is careful about what they reveal to others, which can often lead them to be misunderstood. They are quietly introverted, yet a strong protector of those they hold close.

Our latest project for @rathelwolf:
Art Direction: Adli Klein @adli_klein
3D Artist: William Fairbrother @williamfairbrother2.0
Virtual Fashion/ 3D Fashion: @world_of_mesh
Copy: Sheena Leach sheena.leach

#worldofmesh #itsclo3d #digitalfashion #virtualfashion #metahuman #rathelwolf #rwdigital #internationalpronounsday #meshownersclub

Happy Pride Month

We celebrate you. Wherever you are on this journey, you are loved, seen and heard! What the world needs now, more than ever, is more love.
Happy Pride especially to all those who are unable to celebrate openly and safely. 🧡🌈🌈🌈

#happypridemonth #happypride #loveislove #digitalfashion #3dfashion

MESH OWNERS CLUB is our creative space at the intersection of the physical and virtual world. It allows us to explore new 3D technology and collaborate with the 3D community, sharing how we envision the future of fashion.

Our goal is to inspire and create excitement for our company’s creativity and innovation, and connect around the world with partners, virtual fashion enthusiasts and the 3D community at large!

We intend to reveal our 3D fashion apparel designs to showcase new technologies we are testing.
What do you think about this?

#itsclo3d #VirtualFashion #3Dfashioncommunity #DigitalfashionCreators

Listening to Rickard Lindqvist talk about his vision of the future of apparel has been super inspiring and only reinforces the idea of our MESH OWNERS CLUB: Digital Creators need to have the chance to get on board and co-create fashion.

#piapparel #Amsterdam #futureoffashion

Hi, I am Marie Bastian, founder of MESH OWNERS CLUB, mentor, teacher, visionary, leader in the fashion apparel industry.

I strongly believe that now is the time to actively shape this emerging world of virtual fashion towards a more inclusive and diverse space, where everybody can be themselves and enjoy new immersive experiences.

I have a deep passion for emerging technologies and have always tried to create designs that positively impact brands, the environment and the people around me. I come alive when I let my curiosity and natural instincts take over, knowing that something great is about to happen.
I have been working in the fashion apparel arena for almost a decade, and have first-hand experience with 3D transformation at all levels of business operation. But here, in this MESH OWNERS CLUB space, I want to be innovative, creative, expansive in a whole new way, and want to encourage you all to be creative and limitless too. Let’s all think beyond what is possible.

I look forward to collaborating with you, testing new technologies, sharing learnings and cheering you all on along the way! Knowing we all can support each other to gain new insights that improve our creativity.

I also look forward to exploring this new world of augmented, virtual and mixed reality, engaging consumer experiences, new workflows and more.

Come join me on this 3D journey. Express yourself. Try new things.


It is a creative universe. A place to collaborate and test. And we want you to come along and join us.

When we get together, we are part of the fashion apparel industry. We are the creators, designers, marketers, technologists – all curious and excited about this new fashion apparel industry and driven to explore new opportunities whenever possible. Achieving environmental sustainability is top of mind, too.

We are dedicated to learning new technologies, and training others around us who are following the same goals and want to make improvements that positively impact the environment and the culture of fashion. All this while cheering each other on and celebrating our achievements.

We want to collaborate with you – this group of 3D pioneers, our next generation of Digital Creators – to use cutting-edge software and create digital-only garment experiences. We want to see what we can do to explore augmented realities, and other digital experiences. All of this while inspiring and exciting the fashion world around us.

#itsclo3d #VirtualFashion #Inclusive #Diversity #DigitalFashion #3DFashion #Metaverse #FashionTechnology #globalcreators #3Dfashioncommunity #DigitalfashionCreators #fashionsustainability #Virtualfashion

Check us out in the coming weeks as we intend to share designs, ideas, technology and invite you all – the global, new generation of Digital Creators – to join in. We ask you to check out our virtual creations. Comment, share and drop us some feedback.

What do you think of this?

#itsclo3d #VirtualFashion #Inclusive #Diversity #DigitalFashion #3DFashion #Metaverse #globalcreators #3Dfashioncommunity #DigitalfashionCreators #fashionsustainability

Join us on our journey and let’s start collaborating to create our own unique space.

#VirtualFashion #Inclusive #Diversity #DigitalFashion #3DFashion #Metaverse #DigitalGarments #FashionTechnology #DigitalFashionBrand #fashionappareltechnology #3Dfashiontechnology #globalcreators #3Dfashioncommunity #DigitalfashionCreators #fashionsustainability #Virtualfashion

We invite Digital Creators, our global partners, virtual fashion enthusiasts and the 3D community-at-large to join us!
Let’s inspire all around us and create excitement for our industry.

#VirtualFashion #Inclusive #Diversity #DigitalFashion #3DFashion #Metaverse #DigitalGarments #FashionTechnology #DigitalFashionBrand #fashionappareltechnology #3Dfashiontechnology #globalcreators #3Dfashioncommunity #DigitalfashionCreators #fashionsustainability #Virtualfashion

Logo Design @studiosaftig

Let’s Meet!!

This is MESH OWNERS CLUB, a virtual fashion space designed to intrigue and captivate. We invite you – the global, new generation of Digital Creators – to collaborate with us, to challenge the boundaries of 3D fashion, and help build a new inclusive, diverse, fun, immersive and sustainable virtual fashion industry.

#VirtualFashion #Inclusive #Diversity #DigitalFashion #3DFashion #Metaverse #DigitalGarments #FashionTechnology #DigitalFashionBrand #fashionappareltechnology #3Dfashiontechnology #globalcreators #3Dfashioncommunity #DigitalfashionCreators #fashionsustainability #Virtualfashion

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